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2019 New Year Resolution

New year, new me! 2019 is a brand new start, and it’s time to do up our resolution list again. This year, we want to keep it simple and easy. How many times did we plan to do something complicated just to never see it get off the ground? I, for one, am guilty of that too many times over the years. So, let’s start off with something that easy and doable. We are talking about ones that don’t take too much prep work just to get the task out of your hangar. Without further ado, here are our top 5 2019 New Year resolution!

1. Eye checkup

Yep. Just a simple eye checkup. I am not talking about ones where you simply update your prescription, but the ones where you dilate your pupils so you can’t drive for the next 5 hours. But what year was it when you got your last one? You will need to grab a friend (gasp) for this one, but a comprehensive checkup is an excellent way to assess your eye’s health, and whether your eyes are susceptible to any conditions. Like most other health problems, early detection and management is the key.

2. Get new glasses

Are faraway things getting just that bit more blurry and harder to see? Your old pair of glasses that carried you for the past 3 years may need an update, not just in prescription lenses, but also in style! Those narrow rectangle glasses just aren’t going to cut it in 2019, unless you are rocking that classic middle-aged-guy-in-a-2003-convertible look. If not, well there’s no better time to find an affordable pair with new prescription lenses done!

3. Read more books

The more time we spend on our phones, the less time we get to treat our eyes to great stories that can open our minds to great possibilities. Well, it’s probably not as epic as this, but reading is still one of the best ways to wind down after a long day. Whether it’s a light read from When Life Gives You Lululemons, to the traditional existential crisis epics from Isaac Asimov, there is treasure buried within the pages. Why not start by dusting off a book off the shelf, and indulge in 30 minutes of fantasy per day?

4. Clean the phone

The phone is a hotbed for bacteria and other germs that we happily put on our face every day when it inevitably rings. Whatever case you bought for it doesn’t make it more sanitary — it just traps more dust and hair on your phone. Research indicates that your cell phone is likely 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat, and you normally wouldn’t even sit on that unless it’s given a good wipe. Yet, we wouldn’t give it a second thought if the phone rings. Most of the stuff is harmless, but you should be concerned when serious pathogens such as E. coli could be present. It’s time to give your phone a good wipe with a mix of water and alcohol. It’s just an easy to stay healthy this year (and every year)!

5. Actually work out

Ok, I will admit — my workout plan was already in shambles after just 2 months in 2018. This is why I am recommending something really simple, and takes no longer than 2 minutes in your morning routine. You can even do it at your desk too. This simple exercise is… rubbing your eyes, but not in the same way you would normally do. Close your eyes, gently massage them in circular movements. The light pressure will stimulate your eyes, and you will feel better after just a minute of gentle eye massage. Gentle is the word of the day, and if you experience any pain even at the slightest touch, you may want to pay the eye doctor a visit!

Great things start small. Begin your year with a few easy to do things then build from there. Even if you don’t end up at the top of Mount Everest at the end of 2019, you still have claims and bragging rights for your other accomplishments throughout the year.