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3 Reasons Why Every Man Needs Drivewear Sunglasses

There’s nothing like driving on the open road with your car windows rolled down and your favorite song blasting through your speakers.

Until the weather conditions start to mess with your field of vision.

If your visors can’t block the glare bouncing off your hood, that Instagram-worthy sunny day may make it hard for you to see the road ahead.

Or maybe the opposite happens and you find it difficult to distinguish street signs in unfamiliar territory due to the low-light conditions of a passing thunderstorm.

Hey, we’ve all been there.

But these uncomfortable situations no longer have to plague your driving experiences.

You can take back control and become King of the Road every time you get in the driver’s seat — as long as you have the right pair of sunglasses.

You may not currently own a pair of Drivewear sunglasses, but after today’s post, you’ll be wondering how you’ve managed to drive so long without them.

Most People Don’t Know Driving With Regular Sunglasses Can Be Dangerous

Many drivers think all they need is a pair of tinted shades to hit the road.

But ordinary sunglasses don’t help you see better; they only block out a percentage of the bright sunlight that makes its way to your eyes.

Regular sunglasses don’t block glare.

See, light waves shoot out in many directions at the same time. Some light waves are horizontal; others are vertical.

When light hits a reflective surface (think: the hood of your car, snow, shiny rims on another car, or even the buildings along your commute), the vertical light waves are absorbed by that object.

However, the horizontal rays bounce off in a single, “polarized” direction and cause glare.

The reflected light from glare makes it hard to see clearly. It can mean missing the brake lights of the car in front of you or mistaking a green light for one that’s actually red.

Dangerous driving conditions don’t just happen on wintery, wet days; they can happen on the sunniest day of your vacation when it comes to glare.

That’s why picking up a pair of non-polarized sunglasses at the gas station won’t cut it.

Only polarized lenses block glare.

All Your Sunglasses Should Have Polarized Lenses — Especially If You Use them for Driving

Now that we know what causes glare, it’s easier to understand why polarized lenses are so awesome.

Polarized lenses have a chemical film that’s made up of millions of microscopic iodine crystals.

These molecules naturally align in parallel rows. These rows are positioned to block out horizontal waves of light, or those that cause glare.

By only allowing non-polarized vertical light waves to pass through your lenses, you enjoy a totally glare-free viewing experience.

Whether sailing, skiing, or playing at the park with your kids, polarized lenses are usually darker than your average pair of shades so you’ll be able to see clearly and minimize squinting even in the brightest conditions.

At Glasses Gallery, we offer a wide selection of high-performance polarized sun lenses in several shades and tints to choose from.

But that’s not just for aesthetic reasons.

Different lens colors work best for different situations.

For example, brown colored polarized lenses contain a red element which specifically enhances depth perception and improves contrast between objects.

That’s why brown lenses are a customer favorite for polarized sunglasses used for driving.

Drivewear lenses take polarized sunglasses to the next level.

How Are Drivewear Sunglasses Different from Regular Polarized Sunglasses?

Drivewear lenses use NuPolar polarization to remove glare and increase contrast.

But they also combine the use of photochromic technology to give you the best vision possible under varying lighting conditions.

So whether you’re driving across town or across the country, Drivewear sunglasses have highly adaptable lenses that respond to your driving conditions in real time.

Aside from making you feel a bit like James Bond, here are the 3 biggest reasons why every man needs a pair of Drivewear sunglasses:

1. Transitions Drivewear Lenses Work Better Behind the Windshield to Reduce Glare and Shield Your Eyes from Sunlight

Photochromic lenses (like the Transitions lenses we carry here at Glasses Gallery) are clear when you’re inside and then darken when you step outside in the sun. This happens due to a reaction with UV light.

While this color-changing lens technology gives one pair of glasses essentially two different uses, standard photochromic lenses aren’t so hot behind the wheel.

That’s because your windshield blocks nearly 100% of UV light.

If your regular photochromic lenses don’t have enough UV light to trigger the darkening reaction, your lenses will never get as dark as polarized sunglasses.

Transitions Drivewear lenses solve this problem.

They react to UV light and natural, visible light as well.

So behind the windshield, your Drivewear lenses will darken to a copper color, which will highlight reds and greens for better traffic signal recognition while also filtering out excess bright light.

This tint has even been shown to help improve your depth perception.

All these reasons help explain why so many drivers name copper-colored lenses the most comfortable shade for driving.

2. Drivewear Lenses Provide Clarity in Overcast and Low-Light Conditions

You don’t normally reach for your sunglasses when it’s overcast, but what if your sunglasses actually made it easier to see in low-light conditions?

Unlike regular Transitions lenses, your Drivewear sunglasses never get completely clear.

They’re tinted just light enough to use in most daytime driving and weather conditions yet still allow wearers to experience all the benefits of polarized sunglasses (i.e., less glare).

In low-light conditions, you’ll notice your Drivewear lenses have a green or yellow tint.

This filter provides high contrast and maximizes your clarity of vision given the amount of light available for your eyes.

So if you have trouble seeing clearly when it’s rainy or hazy, you may want to give these a try.

PS: Despite them working so well during low-light days, never use your Drivewear sunglasses at night (because they’ll never be totally clear and will always have a slight tint).

3. Drivewear Sunglasses Filter Out Bright, Excess Light for Maximum Comfort and Clarity

Drivewear lenses turn a dark, reddish-brown color when activated by both UV and bright visible light.

This color filters out the “blinding” brilliance of sunlight and protects your eyes from the squinting and straining of an especially sunny day.

This deep reddish-brown color also enhances and highlights the color green specifically.

Since green is the most common color in our landscape, this extra color recognition provides a richer viewing experience when you’re cruising down the highway or through your neighborhood.

Find Your Perfect Pair of Drivewear Sunglasses Today

Driving definitely wears out your eyes quickly.

From the strain of a long road trip to a weekday commute directly in the path of a setting sun, you could use a pair of Drivewear sunglasses to act as your natural brightness adjuster.

Drivewear sunglasses make your ride more enjoyable — and safer — by constantly adapting to the lighting conditions around you. They give you the best vision possible while you’re on the road.

We can fit Drivewear lenses in most of the sunglasses frames here at Glasses Gallery with or without a prescription.

They make the perfect gift for driving enthusiasts — whether for yourself or for that special King of the Road in your life.