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Best Blue Light Glasses to Protect Your Eyes

Blue light & Digital Screens

Whether you spend a lot of time using your phone or computer for work or free time, we all spend more and more time looking at a screen. All this time spent in front of the screens makes our eyes strained and tired.

The cause might be either the UV rays which can be produced by some of the older screen technology or simple blue light rays, which are part of most screens.

Many computers/phones nowadays come blue light blockers included as part of the software or a sort of anti reflective ar coating on the screen.

Symptoms of digital eye stress are commonly known as vision blur, eye strain, or feeling of dryness, slight eye pain.

Such effects caused by the prolonged use of digital screens can be reduced or avoided by the use of blue light blocking glasses, also known as computer glasses or blue blockers, anti blue light lenses.

Although many can say that there is no scientific proof of their effectiveness, eye doctors, ophthalmologists and  users at a global level can confirm the effectiveness of blue light filters used on a daily basis.

In case you are wondering what the blue light is, allow me to explain it a little.

You see, the light that our eyes perceive, is formed of different type of light beams/radiation (some harmful some less harmful). The blue light spectrum, can affect our eyes once exposed  for a prolonged time. As we use more electronics which use 3 of the main light spectrums to create color, our exposure is more significant than decades ago.

All screens use the RGB spectrum (Red, Green,Blue) to create the plethora of lights we so love on our devices, which include computer screen, phone screen, smart watch screen etc. All this will create a form of a more severe or light digital eye strain.

Blue light is not a visible light, thus you are not really aware of it’s constant presence. Some cases of long time use of screens with no eye protection, have been determined to be the cause of temporary vision loss or permanent reduction in eyesight.

We are living in times where measures such as blue light filter options for phones and computers are available from the software. But not all devices have the function available and honestly, it changes the real life color of the image we are looking at.

How to Protect your Eyes from Blue Light?

So, what can one do to reduce all the eye damage caused/possible to be caused by the constant and more prolonged exposure to screens?

Some might say to reduce the time you use electronics, which would not be a bad idea. But not all of us have the opportunity to do so as our work involves more and more the use of computers/tablets and smartphones.

Block Blue Lights on Prescription Glasses

Prescription lenses with anti reflective coating are a simple solution that also does not change the image quality on your electronics and goes beyond protection from the blue light emitted by screens. The sun itself is a constant source of exposure, which can affect our circadian rhythm, same as electronic screens.

A pair of blue light coated lenses should be of high quality and at an accessible price. In order to find the best blue light glasses, we recommend to check Glasses Gallery in order to look through our wide selection of frames which some come with free anti blue light coating.

Whether you look to wear blue light protective glasses or not, there are many options of coatings and accessible lens prices. You’ll be able to get a pair of glasses with nose bridge or without.

How to Add Blue Light Blocking Coating on Checkout

It is actually very simple to get the blue light lenses from Glasses Gallery. Once you find a frame you like,  click the “Buy now” button, pick the needed lens (single vision, bifocal,progressive) and then you can choose the “Digital Block Coating”, which is our Blue Light filter coating.


If you wonder which frame is suitable? Well..the answer is very simple. Any frame that’s meant for prescription lenses, with the obvious exception of sunglasses. Whether is square, round, rectangular or round frame, andy of them can have the blue light filter, as it is a lens coating.

What would be the conclusion of this article, other than that blue light coating is a useful coating, here to protect the eyes from blue light exposure and help us reduce the effect of our constant exposure to screens, which will only increase in time as more and more screens are available everywhere.

Such vital option for lenses should not be very expensive and should always be an addition to our lenses to protect us of UV rays from sun , neon lights and many other sources of UV radiation around us.

Whether  people call it blue light filters, blue light blockers, anti reflective ar coating or computer glasses, the names refer to same product. The coating meant to protect the eyes from the constant exposure to blue light/UV rays.

Check our website GlassesGallery for thousands of different frame styles and get your blue light protective glasses at amazing prices.