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Digital Eye Strain Affects Your Daily Life

You may have Digital Eye Strain if you have anyone of these symptoms:

Squint when you walk around in a bright sunlight

Feel uncomfortable towards light while driving at night

Are bothered by harsh indoor lights

Feel your eyes become strained while/after using computer

Have difficulty to see things properly for a few moments after moving from outdoor to indoor on a bright day

Dim your smartphone screen because you’re bothered by the brightness of the light

Your eyes may react poorly to both artificial and natural light, and are constantly struggling to adapt to their environment. Intense sunlight, artificial light and blue light emitted from devices and the sun all cause you varying levels of discomfort, in addition to the harmful effects of UV light

How to treat Digital Eye Strain

There are a number of ways to treat Digital Eye Strain,

  1. Use proper lighting
  2. Minimize glare by reducing overhead lightning
  3. Upgrade your display
  4. Adjust your computer display settings
  5. Sit properly by maintaining a proper viewing distance
  6. Blink more often
  7. Exercise your eyes
  8. Take breaks
  9. Wear Photochromic or Transitions Glasses

You may want to consider using light sensitive (photochromic) lenses. The most popular brand among this category is Transitions Lenses.

Transitions Lenses have the best light control capabilities and they give the best UV protection for your eyes. Transitions Lenses respond to sunlight to become dark outdoors and light when indoors.

Transitions lenses can help and bring this under control and prevent damage to your eyes.

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