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Getting Charged Through the Roof for Progressive Lenses? Now You Have a Free Option!

The last time you were at an optical shop, the optometrist said you needed progressive glasses for the nearsightedness AND the aging eyes. Your eyes probably also widened quite a bit as you looked at the prices, and thought no way it was that expensive. Oh but it is, and the prices only go up from there. Some will charge you $100, others $200, and some even more.

Why are they expensive in the first place?

Many see it as just a piece of plastic that refracts light onto the right position on your retina. That would be so if we were talking about single vision lenses, which only corrects one field of vision. For example, if you were nearsighted, then you would get glasses with nearsighted prescription to correct your vision.

However, as we get older, your vision’s needs change with your eyes basically saying they are going to begin retiring. It’s a one-way ticket to Florida and you are going to have to deal with it. 20 years ago, my dad would wear bifocal lenses to correct his nearsightedness and aging eyes, but there was always a noticeable line in the middle that divides the two half lenses.

With more advanced lens crafting technology, we no longer have to live with the agony of choosing between beauty and function. You have lenses that will mimic your natural vision rather than abruptly separating distance and reading vision. But because they do more than just being a 2-in-1, they will naturally come at a steeper price.

How do I choose progressive lenses?

Not each progressive lens is made the same. Some channel your vision through a narrow tunnel in the mid-section that could cause all sorts of problems for wearers trying to adapt, and this disparity between natural vision and the “tunnel vision” afforded by the progressive glasses is a huge problem for our eyes.

You need something better — Glasses Gallery digital progressives are the way to go. As we talked about last week , for many progressive wearers, there is an affect known as the “swim” effect, and this causes the feeling of motion sickness for wearers. With Glasses Gallery progressive lenses, that effect is minimised with widened clear vision area in the distance and mid viewing zones to mimic natural human vision. The closer the lenses help mimic natural vision, the more comfortable it is for your eyes.

Good progressives aren’t necessarily expensive.

Glasses Gallery offers glasses complete with digital progressive lenses for just $95. At anywhere else, $95 wouldn’t even get you the lenses, so this is a really awesome deal where you get both the glasses AND the lenses. Give them a try!