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How to quickly get used to your new progressive lenses

Our vision changes as we age. You will easily know that it’s coming when you have difficulty reading the menu in a dimly lit restaurant, or you have difficulty reading the price marked on the price tags of merchandise at department stores. Or you begin to find it difficult reading the newspaper.

When you have experienced these situations one way or another, it’s very likely you have presbyopia. It’s completely normal, and almost all of us get it as we reach middle age, some get it in their late 30s or early 40s.

If you already have a pair of glasses with single vision lenses addressing your myopia you might want to try out progressive lenses rather than using reading glasses!

How do progressive lenses work?

To ensure that you will get progressive lenses that you feel comfortable wearing, you should have an eye exam with your eye doctor.  With an accurate and up to date prescription from your eye doctor, you may then go about shopping for frames and lenses at your favorite optical stores.  More and more people are now buying their progressive eyewear from online shops – for the super value these online stores are offering.

progressive lenses enables you to see far objects and read newspapers or computers with one pair of glasses

Progressive lenses have 3 different fields of vision built into the same lens – near, intermediate and distance.  As you look down to read, the lens helps you see things close up. As you look up at the horizon, it lets you see clearly far away. This helps when you walk or drive.

Progressives lenses are a better alternative to bifocals because they do not have visible lines.  Progressive lenses have a gradual or progressive change in vision in different parts of the lens, so no one else would notice that you are using them!

Adjustment Period With Your New Progressive Lenses

It’s important to know that it always takes some time to adjust to your new progressive lenses.  Most people get used to them after a week or so, it may sometimes take longer to adjust. If this is your first time wearing progressive lenses, you might experience some temporary side effects like dizziness or balance problems. Don’t worry, if you feel uncomfortable, it is because your eyes are learning or adjusting between the different fields of vision of the new progressive lenses. This is completely normal and will quickly pass.

Minimal Adjustment Period With Customized Premium Quality Progressive Lenses

With years of experience in crafting high-quality Rx lenses, Glasses Gallery adopts state of the art technology to customize premium quality progressive lenses. The adjustment period needed for good quality bespoke lenses that are made with customers’ 3D facial measurements taken into consideration; is always significantly shorter.

3d facial scan

Glasses Gallery strives to ensure that every pair of progressive lenses it produces are tailor-made to each customers’ unique measurement.  Customers may opt to make use of the facial scanning software provided by Glasses Gallery to take detail measurements of their facial contour.  With this information, Glasses Gallery will be able to customize progressive lenses tailored to each customer’s facial measurements and their choice of frames; with its Precision Technology.

Some Tips on How To Quickly Adjust To New Progressive Lenses

Here are some tips to help you quickly adjust to your new progressive lenses

  1. Look far, then focus on something closer as you lower your eyes to the mid part of the lenses; then
  2. Take a book and look through the bottom of the lenses
  3. Next, try to move your head and not just your eyes, up and down, and then side to side, as you look through the different fields of vision
  4. Remember to use your head to point towards where you wish to look
  5. Please note that if you look through the corner of your lenses, they will always seem a bit blurry.  That’s completely normal
  6. During the first week, avoid using your new progressive lenses unless you are already very comfortable wearing them.
  7. Give yourself 30 days to get comfortable
  8. If after 30 days, you feel that you still have not fully adjusted to the progressive lenses, do give us a call at (US) 888-686-2810, (CA) 905-682-2124