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Myths About Ordering Progressive Glasses Online

Myth: Progressive Glasses are expensive because of its high level of technology.

There’s no shortage of eye-care professionals who are skeptical about progressive eyewear online.  Many of them would probably say “These are custom-made devices for your eyes. It’s not like buying kitchen rolls…”

Prescription lenses, according to this camp, are complex medical devices; requiring complicated measurements; especially so for progressive lenses.

Truth: Buying Progressive Glasses Online is just as-good-as buying from retail stores, but with a 70% price difference.

Would it be possible that the main objection about buying prescription lenses or progressive lenses online isn’t really about the quality of lenses sold by online vendors but about the competition these vendors present to traditional eyeglass retailers, with online vendors offering highly competitive pricing on high quality products?

At 30% of retail rate, customers can get premium quality prescription lenses online –  single vision, progressive or photochromic Transitions lenses.

Advanced Technology for Progressive Lenses

Glasses Gallery, evolved from a lens laboratory, with years of experience supplying retail optical chains around the world, holds a different view.

To Glasses Gallery, producing excellent vision custom-made progressive lenses for its customers from, is not a challenge at all.

Glasses Gallery adopts latest technologies in its progressive lens production processes – Visual Distortion Softening Technique and Sharpview Technology.  With these sophisticated and state-of-the-art technologies; and, basing on the size and shape of customers’ frames, as well as their PD measurement, Glasses Gallery is capable of custom-made progressive lenses that offer visual sharpness and comfort for all vision distances:

  • The largest possible reading area
  • The widest intermediate corridor, as well as
  • Minimize peripheral distortion.

Glassses Gallery’s Sharpview Technology maximizes reading area and widens intermediate corridor to deliver comfort for all vision distance:

At Glasses Gallery, progressive eyeglasses and sunglasses are all custom-calibrate basing on customers’ Pupillary Distance (PD) to ensure that the progressive lenses will be placed on the optimum position of the face.  With an accurate PD measurement; the conventional issues of blurred vision and headaches from poor optical centering can be improved.

Do make sure to ask to have your PD specified in your prescription during your next appointment with the eye doctor.  Otherwise, Glasses Gallery provides an online tool that effectively and efficiently measures your PD:

Furthermore, Glasses Gallery offers a 14-day return policy and money back guarantee.  You can always return their purchases if they are not happy with what you have bought.

Stop being over charged and experience Glasses Gallery’s excellent vision progressive lenses now at a fraction of what you normally pay.