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What are Prism Lenses?

The definition of a prism lenses varies, depending on the domain where it is used. If we are looking at the definition of a prism lenses geometry, it is described as a polyhedron. It is made of an n-sided polygonal base. A second base is a translated copy of the first, and n other faces joining corresponding sides of the two bases. All cross-sections parallel to the bases are translations of the bases.

Prism Lenses

That may sound a little more complicated than it actually is. In the optical industry, a prism lens is described more simple. It is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light.

There is at least one surface that must be angled. Elements with two parallel surfaces are not prisms.

To put it more simply, the prismatic lens is bending the light in the right way to reach the desired location.

Prism Lenses prescription What are Prism Correction Glasses?

Prismatic lenses are used in prescription eyewear for various reasons and they can only be prescribed by your eye doctor. The influence of lenses over your eye’s health is considerable and should only be used at your doctor’s recommendation

The use of prism prescription lenses is for different eye vision issues that are caused by various factors. One reason would be strabismus (also known as squint or tropia) caused by the weaker eye muscles in one of the eyes. The binocular vision which affects children, adults that had a stroke at times might need also vision correction.

The prism correction lenses have the function to correct diplopia or double vision as part of vision therapy. The way the eyes work is by sending the image to the brain. The brain will process the information from both eyes and make it into a singular image made of two separate images.

The prism eyeglasses, have the function to help the brain create a single image from the double vision caused by strabism. binocular vision or after a stroke experiencing double vision or strabism can also be corrected with prism eyeglasses.

Some are using the prism glasses for short therm, in order to improve vision. Most target based sports would have some of their athletes use prism lenses to improve peripheral vision.

Such practice is done only under the supervision of a professional eye doctor.

Prescription glasses with prism lenses are only to be prescribed by an optician. Using prismatic lenses when not needed can cause side effects for your eyesight and headaches.

Doctors will prescribe the prism lenses to help with strabism and binocular vision. Another use is in the double vision caused by brain injury after a stroke.

What do Prism Glasses look like

The prism lenses are having the top thinner, while the base of the lens is significantly thicker. The stronger the prism diopters, the thicker the base might be.

Choosing a high index for the lens, (thinner lens) material, will reduce considerably the lens thickness, making it less noticeable as being a prismatic lens.

A good trick beside the high index would be the use of rimless frames, making the lens seem less obvious and thick.

Getting used to Prism Glasses

In general, it does not take longer than usual prescription eyeglasses to get used to. Generally is expected to take 2 to 3 days of adjustment. In rare cases, it can take up to 2 weeks.

Opticians recommend that if not getting used to within 3 to 4 days, contact your eye doctor. It might be needed for a different pair of glasses.

Prism Lenses Cost

The prism lens is usually seen as a costly option due to the more complex procedure to make such lenses. Retail stores often have a charge added to the regular cost or a considerable premium over the single vision lenses without a prism.

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