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Retail store eyeglasses are expensive. Are they better than Glasses Gallery?

Corrective eyeglasses have been around for about 700 years, with the first pair being made in the 13’th century in Europe, Italy. Ever since the technology to make lenses and frames have advanced and made it possible to industrialize and it has become a more common method of vision correction.

The current need, use of eyeglasses is so high, that it should be considered perhaps as one of the basic necessities for everyone, considering at a certain stage in our life, will need them.

The necessity for eyewear might be a temporary correction or long term. Though there is an even more increased need for eye protection due to a large amount of screen time we all have on a daily basis.

Retail store prices. Why are glasses so expensive?

The first thing everyone does after getting their prescription is buying glasses from the closest prescription glasses store. First thing we all look for, is a pair of a stylish and comfortable frame than we check the price of the lenses for your prescription glasses.

Of course, we expect the lenses to cost a significant amount. It shouldn’t necessarily be expensive, but we expect it will be. Lenses will usually cost several hundred dollars and then the frame goes for several hundred dollars too.

This kind of price is common for all large and smaller eyewear retailers. Many promote the glasses as affordable eyeglasses. Whether it is a store affiliated to your eye doctor’s office or one of the large chain stores, affordable eyewear seems not really affordable when you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a basic frame with low power prescription lenses.

Unlike the usual retailers, Glasses Gallery has the lowest price possible for frames and prescription lenses, without any compromise on quality. The lower prices include also the globally famous brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Tom Ford and many more of the designer frames. All this at great discounts of up to 65% or 75% less than retail stores.

The price difference is obvious when you consider the ownership of the brands and stores. For most people, it seems as there are many different lens and frame brands, so naturally means brand competition that reduces the price we pay for glasses.

In reality, most of the big frame brands are owned by a not so well known company, called Luxottica. When it comes to prescription lenses are almost entirely made by a less known company too and is called Essilor.

With the current monopoly held by these major companies, the price of glasses and lenses is at an unacceptably high cost for goods that should be truly more accessible. Whether it is the revenue share they expect to have for the lens or frames, the eyewear industry is selling brands and note necessarily glasses. The quality is in most cases the same as materials used are common for all brands, though the final price we pay is due to the logo shown on the frame, the brand.

Both the Luxottica Group and Essilor Group are selling to billions of people products that cost a fraction if not less than the retail price.

Glasses Gallery as your choice

Like any business, it is expected to have a margin of revenue share added to the final price of any product, whether is in our case, prescription glasses. Though making quality lenses and frames, does not have to translate into a high cost.

Eyewear products available at Glasses Gallery are at an accessible price regardless of buying famous brands or less known ones. Even the luxury category is more affordable than a brick and mortar retail store.

Our products are available not just in North America, but covering the entire global eyewear market as we see it important for everyone to have access to our services.

Whether you are looking for frames and lenses or is your first time wearing glasses, it is refreshing to know that your glasses cost significantly less without having to compromise on the style and quality or even favorite brand.

Ordering online from Glasses Gallery vs Retail Store

In the usual retail store, getting your lenses made, requires a prescription and maybe a short check from the store’s optometrist, which requires a frame-shaped device and a measurement.

What most eye doctors and store opticians don’t say or offer on your prescription, is the PD measurement. When asked, they will all mention it is not a piece of needed information for lenses.

Pupilary Distance, PD, is important

Online ordering for glasses, will require the PD information, which in most cases will be the first time when such information is requested from you. But this is nothing new and was needed every single time, but your eye doctor keeps this valuable information off the prescription.

Glasses Gallery is aware of the situation and understands that most optical stores and or eye doctors will not provide you with this vital piece of information so that you can’t order glasses online.

Our website offers modern tools for measuring the PD without the doctor’s visit. our PD Measuring tool with Face Scan measures the distance between pupils and in exchange, it saves you as a customer, time and money from another visit to your eye doctor and ensures the lenses are of high quality and precision.

All eyeglass lenses come as standard with an impact-resistant coating for all lenses, whether trivex lenses, polycarbonate lenses and many additional free coatings.

With easy returns for prescription glasses and frames only within 14 days from receipt of your order, Glasses Gallery offers the lowest price and money-back guarantee.

With great promotions that offer free progressive lenses as a package or free transitions as a package, Glasses Gallery has the best offer available.

Add in the promotion of 50% extra off for our many famous brand luxury frames and many more promotions, Glasses Gallery has the best available price on the market for the high-quality frames and lenses.

The natural choice for affordable high-quality frames, lenses of the famous brands.