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Finding the Best Lenses for Your Sunglasses and Sportsglasses According to Your Favorite Outdoor…

Before you head out to sea, off to the greens, or pack your skis, what’s your plan to protect your eyes and block out all that sun?

You probably think picking up a pair of expensive sunglasses from the mall will have you covered.

Unfortunately, unless those frames come with lenses specifically designed and engineered to deliver maximum protection and comfort.

Your outdoor activities won’t be nearly as fun or productive as they could be.

You have a choice when it comes to the best lenses for your favorite outdoor sports and activities.

The right lens for your sunglasses and sportsglasses will:

  • Protect your eyes from damaging UV rays
  • Eliminate dangerous blinding glare
  • Enhance your vision clarity
  • Lessen eye strain and fatigue from spending lots of time in the sun

Besides being functional, your lenses should also be comfortable and made of high-quality, impact-resistant materials.

Let’s talk about what you should consider when shopping for lenses for your sunglasses and sportsglasses:

Stronger, Higher Impact-Resistant Lenses

You don’t want to think about falling off your bike, taking a tennis ball to the face, or slipping on your boat dock.

But these messy situations happen all the time.

Without high-impact lenses, one of these tumbles may cause a serious safety issue if broken plastic or glass from your shattered lenses gets in your eyes.

NXT Outdoor lenses are ideal for sports and outdoor activities because they use a thin, lightweight material called Trivex for extra durability.

Trivex was originally developed by the U.S. military and lenses made using it exceed the impact resistance required by the FDA.

So if you happen to drop your glasses down a rocky mountainside, your NXT lenses are way less likely to break than traditional lenses.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses like Transitions respond to changing light conditions by adjusting their level of tint from lighter to darker.

Though Transitions are durable, they are not as strong as NXT Outdoor lenses when it comes to exercise and sports.

Luckily, NXT lenses are powered by their exclusive photochromic Light Translation Technology.

Which also gauges the strength of UV rays and dynamically adjusts the tint of your lenses accordingly.

You’ll have enhanced vision, the best tint for every lighting condition, and less eye strain when you choose photochromic lenses over traditional static sun lenses.

Polarized Lenses

Blinding glare occurs when light is reflected off a smooth or shiny surface outside, such as roads, cars, street signs, water, snow, etc.

Regular tinted sunglasses and lenses don’t remove or block this glare — they only diminish the amount of sunlight that hits your eyes.

Polarized sun lenses use a chemical film made of millions of microscopic iodine crystals positioned to block out horizontal waves of light, or those that cause glare.

The result is a totally glare-free viewing experience sans squinting in even the brightest conditions.

Different Sun Lens Colors

The lens color in your sunglasses and sportsglasses isn’t just for aesthetic reasons.

Colored lenses enhance the colors of your natural environment and reduce the amount of harsh, direct sunlight so you can see all the details hiding in both bright light and low light.

Each color corresponds with a different function to help you see better.

Green and gray lens tints are pretty universal color choices when it comes to outdoor activities; they transmit all colors of the spectrum evenly to provide true color perception.

But green tints will specifically dim glare while lightening shadows and gray colored lenses will help your eyes avoid fatigue and reduce glare off water well.

Now that you know a few of your lens options, let’s talk about how to apply them to your outdoor life.

Matching the Best Lenses with Your Favorite Outdoor Sports and Activities

Find the best lens options for the vision troubles plaguing your fave outdoor activities.

For Running, Biking, and Racing

Road conditions are constantly changing between shady spots in your path and bright sunlight bursting through clouds.

Can your regular sunglasses keep up?

NXT MAX Speed lenses are engineered for bikers, runners, and racers facing both direct sunlight and the harsh light reflected off asphalt and sidewalks.

These lenses also reduce high-frequency light, which happens when you’re focused on a particularly sunny spot in the road for awhile.

Stare at this bright fixed point long enough and your eyes will start to hurt and get tired, which will negatively affect your performance.

You should also consider pink colored sun lenses as they’re the best for increased road visibility.

These not only enhance your visual depth and reduce eye strain from staring at that fixed point in the distance for long periods of time

They’ll also adjust the contrast so you see the road ahead with comfort and ease.

Opt for polarized lenses to eliminate all the glare in your path and remove the dangerous consequences of being blinded by sunlight.

Our Choices: NXT Max Speed Lenses; polarized lenses; pink colored sun lenses.

For Golf and Tennis Enthusiasts

Brown colored lenses contain a red element to improve contrast and enhance your depth perception when you’re surrounded by green.

NXT Golf lenses specifically mute the background colors of the fairways and tennis courts so you can focus on all the minute details hidden in the green —  like your white or yellow ball.

Our Choices: NXT Golf lenses; polarized lenses; brown colored sun lenses.

For Sport Shooting

If you don’t already have a pair of safety glasses for when you go shooting, you should at least have impact-resistant lenses to protect against blowback or bounce back.

You may also want to try NXT Orange Blaze lenses.

Orange is a mix of red, brown, and yellow to help remove the haze of cloudy weather (like early morning hunting). Even though these lenses aren’t made for bright sunlight, they’ll focus your eyes on your target in hazy, low-light conditions.

You may also want photochromic lenses to automatically adjust for changing sun conditions and give you the best vision for optimal shooting no matter the time.

Our Choices: NXT Orange Blaze lenses; photochromic lenses.

For Activities in the Snow

There’s nothing like the super bright reflection of a sunny day on stark white snow to make your snowboarding or skiing a lot less enjoyable.

Mirror sun lenses are best for blocking excessive bright sunlight which happens when the sun’s rays get reflected off bodies of water, snow, and ice.

Mirror sun lenses have a shiny, reflective coating similar to that of an actual mirror to reflect this excess light away from your eyes. Your eyes become less sensitive and more focused.

Polarized mirror sun lenses are even better because they eliminate blinding glare for acute vision out on the slopes.

Our Choices: Mirror sun lenses; polarized mirror sun lenses.

For Sailing, Fishing, and Watersports

Gray colored lenses are excellent for reducing glare off bodies of water and they’re functional in most weather or lighting conditions.

Blue colored sun lenses look cool and they’ll improve your color perception so you’ll be able to see all the contours of the waves and surrounding fish when you’re on water.

To take your lens protection further, check out mirror sun lenses and polarized mirror sun lenses as we discussed in the previous section.

Our Choices: Mirror sun lenses; polarized sun lenses; polarized mirror sun lenses; gray or blue colored sun lenses.

Find Your Perfect Lenses, Sunglasses, and Sportsglasses Today

First, find lenses that block 90–100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Then, use our tips to customize your lenses according to your favorite outdoor activities.

All the choices we discussed today will enhance your depth perception, reduce eye fatigue, and help you perform better and stay outside longer.

Now that you know all your options for lenses, check out our expertly-curated selection of sunglasses and sportsglasses for men, women, and children online at Glasses Gallery today!

What’s your favorite outdoor activity? Are you using the right sun lenses? Share your thoughts with us now!