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Tips and Advice for Extending the Life of Your Favorite Frames

It was love at first sight when you found your favorite eyeglasses or sunglasses.

So now you have to protect those frames as fiercely as they’re helping you earn likes and compliments each day.

But what’s the best way to really take care of your glasses?

Today we’ll dish tips and advice to keep your favorite eyewear away from the perils of everyday disaster.

There IS a Right Way to Clean Your Frames

Just like brushing your teeth every morning removes grime and bacteria from your mouth, make it a habit to clean your glasses every day to stay hygienic and germ-free.

Gunk from your environment and products like hairspray, makeup, and cologne can all build up on your frames.

While pre-moistened cleaning wipes or towelettes are convenient, you can also mix together a homemade cleaner that’s just as effective (and even a bit gentler) for your glasses.

Simply mix a little lukewarm water and dishwashing soap (without lotion) in your palm. Gently rub this mixture along every part of your frames to clean them.

Don’t worry, this mild solution is ok on your lenses too.

Rinse off your glasses well and pat them dry with a lint-free, microfiber cloth, taking care not to rub and potentially scratch your lenses.

Stay away from regular towels or cloths as the small fibers and lint particles will stick to your wet frames and become pretty impossible (and annoying) to clean off.

Handle Your Frames Like a Pro

Every optician knows there’s a right way and plenty of wrong ways to put on and take off your glasses.

If you want your frames to fit the same as when you first got them, you’ll need to avoid stretching or bending them out of shape.

You may be quick to whip off one pair of eyeglasses for your favorite sunglasses, but try to remove and put on each pair with both hands.

Grabbing your frames from one side will cause that specific arm of your frame to loosen faster over time. Since we’re creatures of habit, the more often this happens, the quicker your frames will become slanted and misaligned.

Taking off your glasses with two hands ensures neither side gets stretched out.

And since your head is much wider than your face, you shouldn’t put your glasses or sunglasses on top of your head either.

But don’t just toss your naked glasses or sunglasses in your purse or backpack when you’re not wearing them.

Find a Protective Case for Every Pair of Frames

Exactly how many times have you given yourself a mini panic attack from accidentally knocking over your glasses or dropping something way too close to them when they were set down?

You don’t have to answer that question.

But you should always keep your frames in separate, hard-sided protective cases when they’re not actively in use on your face.

Hard-shell cases will shield your glasses from damage if your dog sits on them or if they crash to the ground as opposed to soft-sided pouches which only protect against lens scratches (if that).

Get in the habit of storing your glasses when you’re on the go and when you’re sleeping. And never put your frames lens-side down as they may scratch against your case.

Even if they’re in a case, your glasses should never be left in a vehicle.

Never Leave Your Frames in the Car

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that when it’s 80–90 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car parked in direct sunlight can climb to 130–172 degrees!

All that heat has the potential to melt and warp your frames so they fit (and look) different.

This heat can also mess with your glasses’ flexibility, which allows your frames to be custom-shaped for your face. If the plastic becomes too brittle, your frames will snap instead of bend.

Have a Backup Plan

Do you only use one pair of glasses every single day?

It’s smart to have a backup pair of glasses to decrease the normal wear-and-tear of your first-string frames.

Plus, having a second pair of glasses comes in handy when you’re traveling or letting your wild side have fun.

Should anything happen to your glasses while you’re in a foreign country, biking down a mountain, or sailing at sea, your trusty second pair will be there so you don’t miss anything.

Side Note About Caring for Lenses

Even though we’ve discussed tons of ways to protect and handle your frames, your lenses — especially prescription lenses — are sometimes just as expensive and worth protecting.

To keep your lenses in top shape:

Always wash your hands before you clean your lenses. Your hands contain natural oils (not to mention lotion and oils from soap), which can get rubbed on your lenses and counteract the cleaning process.

Spit is not a good cleaning solution — even in a pinch.

You’re not only transferring bacteria, you’re also leaving a trail of oily residue behind, making the act of “cleaning” with spit worse than having dirty lenses.

Skip the household cleaners too.

These harsh chemicals may get your lenses shiny, but they have no business being near your sensitive eyes.

Plus, these abrasive cleaners may ruin the special coatings on your lenses.

Steer clear of glass cleaners and anything with ammonia, bleach, or an excessive amount of alcohol as these will damage your coatings as well.

Be picky about cleaning cloths.

Never wipe or clean your lenses with a dry towel or cloth, shirt sleeve, paper towel, napkin, tissue, toilet paper, etc.

Even though these surfaces may feel soft, they’re packed with tiny dust particles just waiting to scratch up your lenses when they meet.

Same goes for when you’re at the beach.

Your shades will get sandy, which is damaging enough, but those tiny saltwater crystals in the sea have the potential to cause major scratches.

Rinse your frames off with bottled water and then pat them dry with a lint-free microfiber cloth.

Protect Your Investments Today

When you buy high-quality frames at Glasses Gallery and take care of them, they’ll outlast your new phone, questionable hairstyle choices, and possibly even relationships.

Following these tips and rotating several pairs at a time will not only enhance your personal style, but give you more life out of each frame.

Don’t toss your trusted frames when you update your prescription either.

Keep your old pair tucked in a protective case as a backup and whip them out for a throwback Thursday whenever.

Take care of your frames and you’ll have a sweet spectacles collection to show off and inspire envy for years to come.