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Tortoise shell glasses, what they are and where to find them

In our current time, unless you’re a person truly into fashion trends, most people would or might not know what Tortoise Shell Glasses are. So what are they?

What are Tortoise Shell Glasses?

The name Tortoise, many are associating it with the color of the frame, which in a way is not completely wrong. The Tortoise shell ” color” is a pattern of color for the frame, base on, obviously, the shell of tortoise/turtles.

Nowadays, the pattern on the frame and the frame itself, does not mean it is made of real tortoise shell, but that is made to mimic the pattern and in most cases, does not match the color of a real tortoiseshell. We can’t deny the fact that up until 1970, turtle shells were used to manufacture many items, like luxury products. The ban on trading in 1970, has helped eliminate the use of turtle shells.

Previous to the ban, a real tortoise shell was being used in making eyeglasses frames.

The eyeglass industry loves the tortoise pattern for their most unique and exquisite selections, though more accessible not so exclusive products are using the tortoise shell pattern.

This is a much-loved color and appreciated by many, from younger generations to the more aged generations as it is a show of class, richness, and style.

Now the tortoise/turtle shell glasses are made by many brands, including the more commonly known ones like Senza, Belvie, La.Eyeworks, Ray-Ban, Anson Benson, Wolfgang Katzer, all of them high quality, of different shapes to match any face shape both for men and women.

See the Adidas AOR002O glasses below as a great example of modern design blended with Tortoise shell color/pattern.

Adidas AOR002O Tortoise Shell Glasses Frame

Many others such as the fashionable GLITCH GLH1008, the Calvin Klein CK7960SP, Anson Benson BF1037F, Belvie Axel and Below the Fringe BF1087F.

GLITCH GLH1008 Tortoise Shell Sunglasses
GLITCH GLH1008 Tortoise Shell Sunglasses
Calvin Klein CK7960SP Tortoise Shell Sunglasses
Anson Benson BF1037F Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses
Belvie Axel Tortoise Shell Sunglasses
Below the Fringe BF1087F Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses

All this doesn’t have to be expensive, as there are many accessible glasses at pocket-friendly prices with this exquisite tortoise shell design.

You can easily find so many different tortoise shell patterned glasses, whether they are a pair of sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses. From vintage-inspired frames to more modern ones, they all come with an amazing and distinctive pattern.

Believe it or not, tortoise shell eyeglasses, sunglasses for women or sunglasses for men, all of them are easy to find nowadays when you’re looking for glasses online. Men tortoise shell sunglasses are not something unusual and they look fantastic.

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